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Sharing the Great Tastes of Life since 1908 with generations! Griffin Foods has been recognized as a family favorite for Syrups, Mustards and Cane Sweeteners but also as a trusted ingredient with Corn Syrup, Imitation Vanilla, and Molasses.

Table Syrups


200 ct 1.5 oz Griffin Portion Pack

1.5 oz
Griffin's Butter Pecan 24oz

Griffin Butter Pecan Syrup

24 oz
Griffin's Original Syrup 24oz

Griffin Original Syrup

24 oz, 64 oz, and 128 oz
Griffin's Pancake Syrup 24oz

Griffin Pancake Syrup

24 oz and 64 oz
Griffin's Select Pancake and Waffle Syrup 24oz

Griffin Select No HFCS Syrup

24 oz
Griffin's Sugar Free Syrup 24oz

Griffin Sugar Free Syrup

24 oz

Corn Syrups

Griffin's Light Corn Syrup 16oz

Griffin Corn Syrup

16 oz, 32 oz, and 128 oz

Imitation Vanilla

Griffin's Imitation Vanilla Flavor 8oz

Griffin Vanilla

8 oz and 128 oz


Griffin's Jalapeno Mustard 16oz

Griffin Jalapeno Mustard

16 oz
Griffin's Mustard 20oz

Griffin Yellow Mustard

20 oz



Olde Farm Molasses

128 oz

Cane Syrups

Delta Cane Flavor Syrup 16oz

Delta Cane Syrup

16 oz and 24 oz